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ethannn have you played fallout?

omg yes, Fall out 2 and Las Vegas, those games were funnnn. If there ever is gonna be a Fallout 3, I’m definitely gonna pre-order it.

Either you typoed those numbers or are just out of the loop - there’s been a Fallout 3! It was out before New Vegas!

And it was (in my opinion) the better fallout in the history of the Wasteland. FALLOUT 3 MASTER RACE!

world of warcraft: Alliance vs. Horde Discussions


the-brandonverse // submitted toworldof-warcraft:

And these asks don’t give enough space to convey my arguments, so sorry for my long windedness in this.

I respectfully disagree with those saying the horde would win. While Garrosh ruled, the Horde splintered and tensions and cracks…

The discusion must be ”why support the alliance” or ”why support the horde”, not ”who is stronger?”, The Alliance are people who want to exterminate some races because they are not ”perfect”, and the horde are people who fight desesperatly for survive.

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